When engaged in a firefight, soldiers often have t0 break cover to take a shot at a target. This almost always puts them in harm’s way and can possibly result in severe injury or even death. There has to be a better way, right? Precision guided firearm maker TrackingPoint sure seems to think so. The company is currently tinkering with Google Glass and is working on pairing its ShotView mobile app with Mountain View’s wearable.

The idea is for Glass wearing marksmen to use the company’s network connected riffle scope to wirelessly broadcast a target’s image directly to Google’s high-tech eyewear. Heads-up display equipped firearms are nothing new, however Google’s wearable computer can be used for other combat-specific tasks like GSP tracking and live video streaming, which are things that a monitor simply can’t do. While Glass may be a long way away from being standard issued gear for our armed forces, this is definitely evidence that it can be a useful tool on the battlefield.

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