Interbrand again names Google world’s 2nd most valuable brand, behind Apple

Interbrand has named Google as the world’s second most valuable brand for the third year running, estimating that it increased its total value by 12% to $120B. The company bases its estimates on a mix of the financial performance of the company, its ability to influence purchase decisions and the degree of brand loyalty it enjoys.

Google again took second place to Apple, wich saw its value climb by 43% in the past year to hit $170B.

Tech companies made up half of the top 10, Microsoft at #4, IBM at #5 and Samsung retaining 7th place. A similar brand equity ranking by Millward Brand back in May also gave Apple and Google the top two slots.

Google was first overtaken by Apple in 2013 after previously holding a 4-place lead. Google did, however, retain its place as the best company to work for, Fortune giving it the slot for its fourth consecutive year.

Via The Verge