WSD-F10 Stories April 4, 2016

Casio’s ultra-rugged WSD-F10 might be the most durable Android Wear device on the market, but it looks like only a handful of people will be able to get their hands on the device. Speaking to, Casio stated that the company currently does not have plans to bring the smartwatch to any additional countries. Currently, the WSD-F10 is available in the United States and Japan only.

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WSD-F10 Stories January 8, 2016

Fossil and Tag Heuer may have been the first traditional watch companies to launch an Android Wear device, but it was never going to be long before Casio joined the game. The popular watchmaker has dabbled in the connected watch market for a few years now, and has finally unveiled its first Android Wear watch. The WSD-F10 might just be the most durable and rugged smartwatch we’ve ever seen…

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