It’s  s a plussy day, indeed. Google today launched Google+ Pages, a blogging platform of sorts for businesses and brands. Setting the example, the company’s YouTube team just announced in a blog post a brand new Google+ page dedicated to all things YouTube. Available under a user name +YouTube, it’s the official “place to discover, share and talk about some of the most compelling videos on the web”.

They are inviting you to circle +YouTube “to stay in the loop on viral videos, trends, Hangouts and more”. If you’re a Google+ users, what better way of staying on top of all the latest from news to music to live streamed events than have those updates right in your Google+ feed?

Google Maps also has its own page that promises to share news and feature announcements, tips and tricks, member spotlights, Hangouts with the Google Maps team and interesting images in Maps. Gmail too  has a Google+ Page here so circle it for updates from the Gmail team, including launches, tips and tricks and what not. They will even re-share your own cool Gmail tips provided you mention +Gmail when posting.

Matter of fact, Google is rolling out dedicated Google+ Pages for its seventeen properties today, including Chrome, Zagat and Google Brasil pages (circle them all here). And that’s not all because Google promised “a couple more Google pages coming in the next few days”. On a final note, Direct Connect is working for those pages so you can just search for page’s name (for example, +youtube, +gmail, etc.) at to be immediately taken to the brand’s corresponding page.

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One Response to “Google launches 17 Google+ pages: +YouTube, +Gmail, +Google Maps and more”

  1. vectorash says:

    Google+ Pages for Business Released!
    The long expected Google+ Pages for Business have just been released, but with a disappointing outcome!
    The scarce features are no match for the current features offered by Facebook pages. The only innovation they brought is the Google+ Direct Connect.

    Read more here: