It's an OS within an OS! We have to go deeper!

An OS within an OS? We have to go deeper!

The latest developer builds of Google Chrome for Windows 8 feature a completely redesigned experience when running in Microsoft’s “Metro” view, according to a report by The Verge. The upcoming release features a design very similar to that of Google’s Chrome OS, a free operating system geared toward netbooks.

The developer version of the Chrome browser for Windows mimics the behavior of the operating system, complete with the app menu, dock-like taskbar, and Google Apps integration. You can even create more than one browser window within the browser itself and move them around the screen like traditional windows in other operating systems.

Google’s decision to bring Chrome OS to Microsoft’s platform is a bit ironic, given Microsoft’s recent talks with HTC about putting Microsoft’s operating system to what is currently Google’s smartphone platform.

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2 Responses to “Upcoming Google Chrome release to bring Chrome OS design and features to Windows 8”

  1. Eli Melec says:

    Chrome is starting to be slower and slower… Internet Explorer will win.

    • You know that is almost impossible. Clean Chrome VS clean IE is 200 times faster. Chrome has predictions, has Dart, renders with GPU, etc…. And the UI is far way cleaner, social, friendly, less clicks for the same tasks in general. It’s not possible to make a comparison. The only thing bad in chrome is memory usage, and that is because miracles don’t exist. The real future is NaCl and html5, and Dart is the quickest programming interface available that can manage every aspect of both.