Gmail is about to get a new feature that should help users cut down on the spammy mass emails in their inboxes. Coming this week, PC World reports that Google will be automatically adding a big, beautiful “unsubscribe” button to the headers of such emails, allowing you to quickly opt-out of these types of unwanted messages.

Google hopes this will cut down on something we’re all probably guilty of at some point or another: users who sign up for a mailing list or service, then decide they don’t want the messages. Instead of unsubscribing, many users are marking these emails as spam to quickly block them from showing up in the inbox.

If enough users do this for a specific sender, the Gmail spam filters automatically determine that messages from that sender (even a perfectly legitimate company like Facebook) is actually sending spam and starts quarantining all messages from that sender into the spam box.

We haven’t seen the button appearing in our inboxes yet, but it’s said to be rolling out this week.

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One Response to “Gmail to automatically add unsubscribe button to spammy marketing messages”

  1. Anoop Menon says:

    Very good initiative indeed. You have any information on whether its going to reach Gmail first and months later to paid google apps email for corporates? I am asking because usually Google opens the features from Labs to free Gmail first.