Looks like a guy in the above image has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 hooked up to his MacBook Air. I bet he’s manually dropping some files from the Mac notebook to his brand spanking new tablet, which is easy because Android devices mount as external USB storage.

That’s pretty much everything he can do, though.¬†That is, unless he was using Eltima Software’s SyncMate, an all-around syncing application for the Mac. It’s been around for ages and in most recent version they added support for Android devices. Read on…

Version 3 of the program allows you to sync your music, videos, images, folders and bookmarks with ease, in addition to personal information such as contacts and calendars. Another perk: You can read, create, send or delete text messages on your Android device right on the Mac. And if you don’t feel like tethering your gadget via USB, no problem – SyncMate supports WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity as well.

I’ve been a long time SyncMate 3 user and let me tell you – this app supports a number of software platforms, device vendors and hardware types. I’ve found it to be the easiest way to sync data between phones, MP3 players, the Sony PSP, computers, USB thumb drives and just about any gizmo I could think of. It even supports cloud syncing of personal information with Google, Yahoo! and other providers.¬†SyncMate 3 costs forty bucks. Business and family licenses are also available. A free trial version with limited functionality can be downloaded for your Mac here.

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