Google has posted a nice new promo clip for Google+ to their YouTube channel, just in time for the official start of the holiday shopping season. Surprisingly, it isn’t about discounts or deals as Google opted for a different approach.

It’s entitled “Circles Love Story” and illustrates vividly “new ways of sharing the right things with the right people”. So, a guy meets this girl and puts her in the “Love of my Life” circle on Google+. Ring a bell?. She returns the favor by putting him in the Creepers circle, but soon changes her mind and moves him around a bit until he ends up in…

Just watch the clip above. Google also polished up the original Google+ advert and introduced a new tagline. Both the original and new advert are right after the break. Speaking of holidays, have you seen a Thanksgiving Google Doodle that lets you customize a virtual turkey?

Here’s a new version of the original Google+ advert the company posted on YouTube upon announcing the Google+ social network this summer. It’s basically a rehash in that they slightly optimized the clip in the editing process. Notice a new tagline: “Sharing but like real life. That’s a plus”. Google’s advertising is getting more memorable and understandable lately, especially to tech illiterate folks – which of course is a good thing.

And here’s the original Google+ promo clip posted in late June 2011.

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