It has been rumored for quite sometime that Facebook will make its own smartphone to allow customers easier access to the social network. While we have not heard anything concrete, we have more news on the rumored social smartphone today courtesy of Bloomberg. According to the publication’s report, Facebook is partnering with Taiwan-based HTC to release the phone in mid-2013. HTC is behind the well-received One series, along with Thunderbolt and Droid Incredible 4G, so it certainly would not be a bad partnership for either company. Facebook, the world’s largest social network, sees the majority of its hits through mobile devices—without any ads hitting users’ eyes. A Facebook smartphone would allow the company to get crafty with advertising and begin making money off its mobile userbase. Past the news of the partnership, there is no information on availability or pricing of the device. While HTC released the HTC Status in February 2011, which included a Facebook button, it was not a full Facebook phone.

At any rate, a device with the sole intention for Facebook use would be interesting.  [Bloomberg, Image via Flickr]

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