Google just announced it is rolling out the ability to handwrite using your finger on mobile devices for search queries. The new feature, which Google warns is still in beta, works on most smartphones and tablets and is activated from within mobile search settings. After the feature has been enabled, a small “g” icon on Google search pages allows you to enable the handwriting mode, and disable to resume normal touchscreen functionality. You’ll also be provided with the necessary “Space” and backspace buttons when the mode is activated.

It’s not always easy to use the keyboard on your phone or tablet, especially when you’re on the go. Instead, try Handwrite (beta) on to write your search terms with your finger rather than typing the words on the keyboard. As you write, your handwritten text converts into words in the search box.

Enable the feature

  1. Turn the feature on or off in your search settings. Touch Settings at the bottom of the Google homepage or a search results page, or visit
  2. Go to the Handwrite section, select Enable to turn on the feature, and then touch Save.

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