Asus CEO Jerry Shen revealed today that the company plans to ship Asus notebooks running Chrome OS later this year.

Acer, HP, and Samsung have already shipped Chromebooks ranging in price from $199 to $449, as PC World notes, which gives an idea at where Asus could price their hardware.

The Asus CEO expects Chromebook’s success to be in government and education as well as commercial use rather than with consumers.

Notably, businesses like Polaroid’s Fotobar use Chrome OS to serve the desktop applications in a low-cost, controlled environment.

Asus has seen already seen some success in providing new hardware in the wake of the declining PC market.

The company reported $202 million in profit earlier this year in Q1, citing its tablet sells according to Engadget.

Chromebooks run Google’s Chrome OS and rely on web apps rather than native apps, which can potentially make for a low cost product when a desktop environment is not needed.

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