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Last week, tech pundit Leo Laporte announced that he had been invited to an event on Google’s campus on July 10th by Motorola’s Guy Kawasaki. According to him, only a small number of journalists were invited, with the same event being held on July 11th for another group of people. Many people speculated that this was where Motorola would unveil the highly anticipated X Phone. According to a report out of AllThingsD, however, the event is not for any product announcements and is purely a “private event” being held by Kawasaki.

The X Phone will be Motorola’s flagship device for the remainder of the year and will be highly customizable and feature a lot of sensors and awareness features, according to several reports. At the D11 conference, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside stated that it would be made in the United States and be available this fall.

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