Just got word from our Motoleaker with the latest in X Fon news. As of now, only Sprint, Verizon and AT&T are major carriers confirmed to carry the device in the US. T-Mobile (perhaps because it already subsidized the similar-specced Nexus 4?) hasn’t yet finalized any deals with Motorola for the device.

The X phones will begin shipping to carriers in August and should be ready for back to school.  The price is cheap enough for the carriers to subsidize the complete upfront cost, though it isn’t certain if they will or not. $300 is the current number being thrown around as the unsubsidized price (Again, like the Nexus 4).

Color options will be limited initially to White, Black and a few other varieties. We heard earlier this year that the device would be available in 25+ colors, as well as being able to be engraved and have the wallpaper customized before shipment , which seems confirmed at this point.

Motorola will announce the device on August 1st in New York.

More will follow.

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