A new Forrester Research poll conducted with 395 marketing professionals in the US, UK, and Canada is likely giving the team at Google’s Plus service something to smile about. Google’s social media service, which is now integrated into every.single.thing Google does, narrowly edged out Twitter for marketing satisfaction by a single point at 56% of marketers satisfied against 55% with Twitter. Sure, it’s just a single point, but given that so much has been written about Google+ being a wasteland comparative to Twitter, it’s notable that the service edged out one of its biggest rivals.

Of course, if we took a poll with a completely different group of 395 marketing professionals, the results might be wildly different. Still, it’s good to see that Google+ is making waves, and while it may be for entirely different reasons than Twitter or Facebook, I’m sure Google will take every bit of good news that puts emphasis on Google+ over its rivals.

Google+ aside, the real question here is why so many marketers are using these channels incorrectly? Social media provides a unique opportunity to connect with both existing and potential customers and that there is more emphasis on old school tactics like Email and word-of-mouth is concerning.

Where are you most likely to engage with a company? Twitter or Google+?

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