If you’re eager to jump on board the Google Glass train, you’re now one-step closer as Google has added a new sign-up page. As Google recently let existing Explorers invite three friends to the Glass program, the new sign-up page asks for your basic information and your reason for wanting Glass.

The timeframe is pretty vague for when Google will open the program, only stating they will let you know “if a spot opens up.” The expansion looks to be US-only at the moment, and Google is emphasizing they “can’t guarantee invites right now.”

Surely there’s a list of people waiting to spend $1500 on Google’s first-go at wearable technology and Google wants to take advantage of that. As the program expands “little by little” we can only hope that Google continues to add more features to present new and exciting ways Glass can be incorporated into our lives.

Just don’t try and drive with them.

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