sign-up Stories February 13, 2015

Google launches Android WebView beta channel for developers

Google today announced that it’s launching a beta channel or Android WebView, the API many apps use to display webpages. Google noted that with Android 5.0 Lollipop, it now “has the ability to update WebView independently.” It will begin to allow developers to use the new beta channel for testing the latest updates to WebView starting today:

WebView updates bring numerous bug fixes, new web platform APIs and updates from Chromium. If you’re making use of the WebView in your app, becoming a beta channel tester will give you an early start with new APIs as well as the chance to test your app before the WebView rolls out to your users.

Developers interested in becoming beta testers can join the community here in order to sign up for the program and install the WebView beta from Google Play.

sign-up Stories December 31, 2013

Google Play Music All Access subscribers begin receiving Glass invites

Google has been inviting more and more people to buy their way into the $1500 Google Glass Explorer program in recent months. It recently started sending invites to select developersr and allowing Glass owners to purchase a second unit for a friend, and today Google has begun inviting subscribers of the Google Play Music All Access streaming service.

Your Chance to Buy Google Glass

With the launch of Google Play Music on Google Glass, we’ve secured VIP invitations for All Access customers to join the Glass Explorer Program. Interested in rocking out while exploring with Glass? Sign up to receive your invitation below!

Google has a sign-up page for All Access subscribers here and as always the invites are only available to those in the US.

(via AndroidCentral)

sign-up Stories November 15, 2013

1Password 4 for Android beta coming soon, sign-ups now open

After a long beta period for 1Password for on the Mac, AgileBits announced today that the long awaited update of its popular password app will be arriving soon for Android. Today it opened up sign-ups for an Android beta newsletter that will notify you when the beta version of 1Password 4 for Android is ready to start testing.

Danger! Risk! Excitement! Are you looking to provide feedback on new features and functions while living a little on the daring side? Be among the first to use the latest and greatest unreleased updates for 1Password 4 for Android.

If you’re interested in being notified when the all-new version of 1Password arrives for Android, you can sign up here.


sign-up Stories November 12, 2013


Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 1.29.12 PM

If you’re eager to jump on board the Google Glass train, you’re now one-step closer as Google has added a new sign-up page. As Google recently let existing Explorers invite three friends to the Glass program, the new sign-up page asks for your basic information and your reason for wanting Glass.

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sign-up Stories August 13, 2013

Verizon HTC One sign-up page finally live, release date still missing

After several months of speculation, Verizon has just launched a sign-up page for its HTC One variant. The carrier has been promising to offer the device since June, but the launch has been pushed back by every possible delay. The sign-up page doesn’t offer any additional details as to what we can expect from Verizon’s HTC One variant, though we do now know where the 4G LTE and Verizon logos will be located.

Earlier rumors pointed to the device as launching on August 1st, but as we’re all well aware of, that date has come and gone with no launch. At this point, it looks like we may see finally see a launch sometime this month. More than 5 months after other carriers.

sign-up Stories July 3, 2013


Screen Shot 2013-07-03 at 10.56.55 AM

After unveiling a new ad for the unreleased device yesterday, Motorola has now launched a sign up page for the Moto X Phone. The page is titled “Motorola 2013 Summer Announcement Registration,” and simply invites us to sign up to find out what the company is “up to.”

Motorola keeps the same “Designed by you. Assembled in the USA” tagline from yesterday and reaffirms the fact that it will create over 2,000 new jobs in Ft. Worth, Texas to make all of this possible. expand full story

sign-up Stories June 27, 2013



Facebook announced today that it’s starting a beta program for its Android apps that will allow users to sign up to test and provide feedback on the latest build of the app before its released to the public.

Facebook is the most-downloaded app in the Play Store, so we need to make sure it works for everyone, no matter their amount of RAM, network conditions, or version of Android they might be using. Factors like data costs and network speeds are especially important to users, and we want to make sure we’re always optimizing their experiences. With so many use cases to solve, testing becomes crucial to ensuring positive, consistent experiences across Android.

While Facebook noted that it has been providing a beta of its Android apps to partners such as Qualcomm, HTC, Ericsson, Sony, Huawei and MediaTek over the last six months, starting today all users can now sign up to become beta testers.

If you’re interested in signing up, go join the newly created Google Group called Facebook for Android Beta Testers and allow your device to download the latest beta by selecting “Become a Tester” on Google Play. There’s also a Facebook For Android Beta Testers group on Facebook.  expand full story

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