explorer Stories January 15, 2015


Update: Google has made an official blog post detailing the changes to the Glass project. More information below.

It looks like Google may finally be preparing Glass for primetime as a number of changes around the company’s heads-up display product were revealed today. Most notably, the Glass project will be moving from the experimental Google X group to its own unit under the leadership of Tony Fadell, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Next of note, Google will end the current run of its Glass Explorers program on January 19th, removing the current version of Glass from sale to individuals; however, the WSJ includes that businesses and developers interested in purchasing Glass can still do so through an application process. The Glass at Work program, which has continued to grow, will live on beyond the Explorer Program’s imminent demise. expand full story

explorer Stories May 6, 2014

Google releases Glass XE17 update, promises to fix boot loop bug

While the XE16 update brought KitKat and various other enhancements to Glass Explorers everywhere, it also carried a few nasty bugs that — among other things — could force devices into a boot loop. As such, Google issued XE16.2, which was supposed to fix these issues. Apparently it didn’t quite do that, as Google has today released the Glass XE17 update.

explorer Stories April 17, 2014

glass email

Google is allowing potential Explorers to try Glass before they shell out the $1,500 to actually buy the device, according to a Reddit user by the name of clide. He posted various images of a home try-on kit, as well as the above email he received from the Glass customer support representatives.

Spencer Kleyweg of GoogleGlassFans called the above number and received the following information about the program: expand full story

explorer Stories April 14, 2014

Reminder: Google Glass goes on sale tomorrow for one day only

Update: Now Live / Update 2: Ends tonight, going quick

Google will be offering Glass tomorrow for one day only as a way to expand the Explorer program that was first announced back in 2013. The device will be available directly through Google for the standard Explorer price of $1,500 — definitely on the expensive side. Included with that price will be a free pair of shades or frames, so those who purchase tomorrow will get a slightly better deal than all Explorers up to this point.

explorer Stories April 10, 2014


Update: Google has confirmed on Google+ that it does plan to open the Explorer program in the US for a period of time on April 15th.

Google has been slowly opening up its Google Glass Explorer Program to more people, but it’s about to let anyone in the US join the program and purchase Glass, at least for one day. TheVerge posted the document above showing what appears to be an upcoming Google Glass “Explorer Program Expansion,” or at least a proposal for one, that would see Google selling Glass for the usual $1500 through Google.com/glass to anyone in the US that wants one. That opposed to the waiting list that Google is currently taking sign ups for.  expand full story

explorer Stories December 31, 2013

Google Play Music All Access subscribers begin receiving Glass invites

Google has been inviting more and more people to buy their way into the $1500 Google Glass Explorer program in recent months. It recently started sending invites to select developersr and allowing Glass owners to purchase a second unit for a friend, and today Google has begun inviting subscribers of the Google Play Music All Access streaming service.

Your Chance to Buy Google Glass

With the launch of Google Play Music on Google Glass, we’ve secured VIP invitations for All Access customers to join the Glass Explorer Program. Interested in rocking out while exploring with Glass? Sign up to receive your invitation below!

Google has a sign-up page for All Access subscribers here and as always the invites are only available to those in the US.

(via AndroidCentral)

explorer Stories November 12, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 1.29.12 PM

If you’re eager to jump on board the Google Glass train, you’re now one-step closer as Google has added a new sign-up page. As Google recently let existing Explorers invite three friends to the Glass program, the new sign-up page asks for your basic information and your reason for wanting Glass.

expand full story

explorer Stories April 16, 2013


Last week, we reported that the Explorer’s Edition of Google Glass would begin to ship out next month. However, today, units became available for pick up. Google Glass users Matt Abdou, Brandon Allgood and Cecilla Abadie have posted some photos on Google+.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 10.19.56 PM

The Google Glass packages include one power cord, two visors, one carrying bag and the actual Google Glass hardware.

Interestingly, Matt Abdou uploaded to footage of himself GoKarting while wearing Google Glass. While he does seem to adjust Glass near the beginning in the video while driving, the glasses seem to stay on well and the video quality is up to par with what you would find on a common smartphone. Yesterday, we reported that the camera is capable of shooting 720P footage. The sensor comes in at 5 megapixels.

Another unboxing video follows: expand full story

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