Last month, Acer announced a new Chromebook for the holiday season in the touchscreen-capable C720P, but without any real availability information. Today, however, Google announced that the C720P will begin to hit store shelves in the U.S. and other countries this week. The laptop is also available on Amazon now, whereas it was previously listed as being up for pre-order. Amazon still notes that the Chromebook will not ship until mid-December and that “availability will be limited”. Customers who pre-ordered the laptop on Amazon are now being charged, though, which means that their orders should begin to ship anytime now.

As part of this immersive, tactile world, Acer has announced the new Acer C720P Chromebook with a multi-touch screen, adding the second touch-enabled Chromebook to the lineup. Acer’s Chromebooks are consistent best-sellers on Amazon, and this new device will help more users experience the best of the tactile web for just $299.

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Google didn’t specify the stores in which the laptop will be available in, though Acer previously announced Best Buy. We imagine it’ll also hit select other retailers for the holidays, as well. Let us know if you see it on the shelves of any stores in your area.


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