If ever there were a rock-solid case for needing hands-free information fast, firefighting would be it. Full-time firefighter and spare-time Glass developer Patrick Jackson has already developed two of the apps shown in this video, and is working on two others, reports The Verge … 


Right now, Jackson’s incident notifications app routes incoming emergency calls to his Glass — it provides an address, map, and notes from the 911 emergency center, with an option to use turn-by-turn navigation to get to the scene. He’s also built a “find a hydrant” app, which shows the closest fire hydrants to wherever that emergency call is.

Two other apps shown – getting instant access to floor plans of burning buildings, and to cutting points when rescuing people from car wrecks – are currently works in progress.

Mutualink has also been working on the same idea of immediate access to building plans, also citing the examples of a police officer being able to tap into live CCTV feeds from the surrounding area and medical personnel being able to access medical records and transmit video footage back to a hospital for review by specialists.

Not all Glass developers have such high-minded goals: in what may very well qualify as the most bizarre idea in the history of the world, someone out there thought it would be a good idea if you could see yourself through your partner’s eyes while having sex …

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