According to new reports pointing to what look like internal strategic documents, Asus appears to be preparing to launch its first Chromebook products in the near future. VR-Zone posted an image (via GigaOM) showing two Chromebook models, the C200 and C300, mentioned in a document titled “ASUS NB Strategy.”

We’ve seen Chromebooks from Acer, Samsung, HP, and more recently Toshiba, but one of Google’s closest OEM partners, Asus, has yet to release one. It’s not that surprising that it plans to, however, as it is already making a Chrome OS device soon to hit the market. Earlier this month the company announced the smallest-ever Chromebox set to go on sale next month starting at $179.

There aren’t any details about when we might be seeing the Chromebooks from Asus or specs for the two models, but of course there is speculation the company could make a hybrid tablet/Chromebook like line of Transformer products. 

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