Google announced today on its Google Drive blog that it’s adding new image editing features to Slides and Drawings that will allow you to perform basic editing tasks without having to leave the app. That means you can now crop, apply shape masks, and more right from within a presentation or drawing.

On top of cropping and applying masks, you’ll also now be able to add borders:


To crop an image, select it and click on the crop image icon in the toolbar.

Then drag the corners to your desired crop size and hit enter to make the crop.

Applying masks 

To crop your image to a particular shape, apply a mask from the pull-down menu next to the crop icon.

There are tons of shapes, arrows and callout designs to choose from, like the heart example below.

Adding borders 

Add a border to your image by clicking on the line weight icon, and give it a little extra pop by changing the line color.

The new features will appear in the Slides and Drawings apps within Google Drive today.

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