Back in 2012, Google launched an experimental feature called Explore Flights that was aimed at frugal travelers looking to visit different destinations within a specific region. Still up and running flying, Mountain View will be adding some of the tool’s best offerings to Flight Search, along with a few additional new features.

Globetrotters looking for inspiration will now have access to a full-screen map for fast access to cities from all over the world. In addition to pictures of popular attractions, travelers can monitor price changes based on holidays, days of the week or month of the year.

Also as a bit of a nod to adventurers, Google is adding its “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature to Flights. Pretty much a roll of the dice, when selected, the search giant will offer suggestions of where to go. However, if you’re not digging Google’s travel plans, you can set a few search parameters like price and time restrictions.

Additionally, you’ll now see cards for the most popular destinations within a specific region, along with personalized suggestions based on your previous searches.

Google will also provide a map to help you keep track of your destinations, as well as note the lowest fares and flight durations for each place you fly to. These new features will be available over the next few days and will vary by region, however you can get a sneak preview of what’s in store by checking out the demo video below.

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