travel Stories January 17, 2018

Startup offers pay-per-day automatic travel insurance triggered by your phone’s location

Unless you travel frequently enough to justify an annual policy, arranging travel insurance is just one more thing to think about when planning a trip. Financial startup Revolut now offers a solution to that: pay-per-day travel insurance that kicks in automatically, based on your phone’s GPS location …

travel Stories July 14, 2017

U.S. Border Protection can search devices but not cloud accounts, as searches climb dramatically

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has advised a Senator that while it has the power to search electronic devices and examine all data stored on them, these powers do not extend to searching data stored in the cloud …

travel Stories November 22, 2016


From showing flight and hotel listings above competitors in Search to releasing a trip-planning app, Google is making increasing forays into the travel industry. While Google has denied to Bloomberg that it’s becoming an online travel agent, entrenched players are expecting more direct competition.

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travel Stories April 28, 2016


Update: You can now grab the Google Trips APK from APKMirror.

One of Inbox’s most convenient features are Travel bundles that organize reservations and other related emails in an easy to read manner. Google is now testing (via Androidworld) a Trips app that organizes every aspect of your travels and offers useful suggestions.

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travel Stories January 25, 2016


Despite the futuristic nature of airplanes, most still have old, outdated in-flight entertainment systems. So it’s no wonder that most people just use their phones, tablets, and laptops, especially with the advent of on-board Wi-Fi. To appeal to its flyers, JetBlue is upgrading (via Android Police) its entertainment system to be Android-based and adding a bunch of content in the process.

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travel Stories December 14, 2015

Inbox update brings shareable Travel bundles and updated photo attachment picker

Inbox, Google’s smart assistant-heavy email client, is getting updated with new features for sharing travel plans and an easier way to attach photos to emails.

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