The private social network Path updated its Android app today with a simpler chooser for posting content and a tabbed navigation bar for moving around the app. It’s biggest feature, though, follows a growing trend with mobile apps: Path Messaging has moved to a standalone app called Talk that’s rolling out today.

With its new Talk app, Path wants to replace SMS and Facebook as it focuses on privacy with a feature called Off the Record. While it’s not quite as ephemeral as instantly self-destructing messaging app like Snapchat and Cyber Dust, Path promises its users that messages sent via Talk automatically erase from the social network’s servers after 24 hours from sending the message…

Path’s new Talk messaging app also features something useful called Ambient Status. Using this feature, Talk can notify your other friends on Path of when you’re traveling or nearby as well as when your device is about to die adding a layer of useful context to the conversation without having to think about it.

As far as messaging goes, Talk supports sending lots of content to other uses including music, maps, location, photos, as well as voice, and it boasts the ability to quickly reply to new messages with quick swipes without having to open the full message thread. Path, of course, also includes its infamous stickers too.

All in all, Path’s messaging app Talk looks really appealing, but the biggest caveat is having your friends actually use the social network. For privacy-minded folks, though, Path Talk looks very well polished at first look.

Path for Android and Path Talk 1.0 are both available today on the App Store.

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