Snapchat Stories April 26

After years of customers complaining that the Snapchat app on Android was inferior to the iOS version, the company rebuilt it from scratch as an “investment.” As it turns out, that investment has paid off in a big way, with the new Snapchat app leading to a huge boost in Android users.

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Snapchat Stories April 8, 2019

Snapchat announced today that, after months of work, the popular social app will start rolling out a brand new version of its Android app. In an effort to squash bugs, improve compatibility, and just be faster in general.

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Snapchat Stories October 24, 2018

Voter registration tool in Snapchat helped 400,000+ people get their vote

Snap says that the Snapchat app has helped 418,000 people register to vote in the upcoming midterms. Snap added a voter registration tool to the app last month …

Snapchat Stories September 24, 2018

Snapchat partners with Amazon for new ‘Visual Search’ shopping feature

Following Instagram’s announcement of new shopping features last week, Snapchat is joining the fun with a new partnership with Amazon. As announced in a blog post, the company is partnering with Amazon for a new Visual Search shopping feature.

Snapchat Stories August 8, 2018

Some Snapchat source code leaked on GitHub; removed after all-caps DCMA takedown notice

Some of Snapchat’s source code was posted on GitHub, apparently obtained when the company messed-up an update to the iOS app back in May …

Snapchat Stories August 3, 2018

Plastic surgery requests now driven by selfies; ‘Snapchat dysmorphia’ a thing

The American Academy of Facial and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery says that the majority of clinicians have now seen patients whose desire for plastic surgery is driven by selfies … 

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