Comscore today released its usual quarterly report on U.S. smartphone market share for May with Apple holding its spot as top smartphone manufacturer ahead of Samsung. While the numbers haven’t changed much since its report for the three month period ending in February, Apple is up slightly to 42% and ahead of Samsung which grew from 27% to almost 28%. Following behind is LG with 6.5%, Motorola with 6.3%, and HTC with 5.1%.

Market share by operating system, however, has Android holding steady at 52.1% since last quarter and iOS growing from 41% to almost 42%.

Android ranked as the top smartphone platform in May with 52.1 percent market share, followed by Apple with 41.9 percent (up 0.6 percentage points from February), Microsoft with 3.4 percent, BlackBerry with 2.3 percent and Symbian with 0.1 percent.

Comscore also included a ranking of the top smartphone apps in the U.S. for May based on its surveys:


The full report is available here.

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