Google showed off its new “Material” design language alongside Android “L” at Google I/O 2014. And while you can follow our guide to get a glimpse at Android L in its full glory on your Nexus device, you can also simply load up a few new web pages that Google has redesigned in Google Docs.

You can find the new pages, one for Docs, Sheets, and Slides, at the following URLs:


It may not be an extravagant new addition to Docs, but it’s definitely a good idea of where Google will likely be going with many of its other web-based interfaces. It seems that “Material” design is best seen in the bottom-right hand corner, in the small button with a drop down shadow. This is actually one of the fundamentals of Material Design, being described by Google itself as “bold, graphic, [and] intentional.”

The overall design of these pages definitely falls in line with what Google wants developers to adopt in their own apps:


(via Kenji Castro)

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