Motorola recently filed a trademark for the name “Moto Maxx,” which means the company could eventually use the moniker for a new smartphone or tablet. Historically Motorola’s Maxx product line has been connected to phones that feature extended battery life, while its Moto branding has been associated with affordable devices like the Moto X, Moto G, and Moto E.

The soon to be former Google-owned company could simply be reserving this name as a precautionary measure, however it’s also possible that it could be gearing up to launch a new handset that falls between its two brands. It’s also been rumored that Motorola is working on a successor to the Moto X, as well as a new Nexus device for Google, but it’s unclear if the Moto Maxx name will be connected to these unannounced handsets.

(via Droid-Life)

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