It appears Samsung’s launch of its new Galaxy Note 4 is running into issues with a number of early customers in Korea reporting a manufacturing problem causing a large gap between the display the frame of the device. South Korean outlet IT Today first reported the controversy noting that the gap on the device is roughly the the thickness of a business card. As you’d probably imagine, that could be a big problem for dust, dirt and waterproofing features.

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The site posted the image above showing two new Galaxy Note 4 units affected by the manufacturing flaw, but reports from Twitter and elsewhere show other customers experiencing the issue as well. IT Today claims that a Samsung spokesperson said the company is aware of the problem, but we’ve yet to hear any official replacement program or other solution.

Samsung officially launched the Galaxy Note 4 earlier this month on September 26 in Korea, which was reportedly an earlier than originally planned launch due to pressure from strong sales of the new larger iPhone 6 models Apple launched early this month.

The Galaxy Note 4 is already available to preorder in the US through AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile for an October launch.

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