Google has announced that it is creating another one of its ‘campuses’ in Spain, following successful launches in London and Tel Aviv. These spaces are targeted at entrepreneurs looking for informal office spaces to kickstart new projects and careers. Campuses include working areas, testing devices as well as teaching from experienced mentors and business leaders.

Essentially, Google makes these areas to help startups get off the ground. It is an ethically driven venture for Google as there is no charge for participation. Google claims that the campus in London created more than 570 jobs last year. It is looking to recreate similar levels of success in Spain.

In addition to global opportunities, we will run many new programs in our Madrid location, including Campus for Moms, CampusEDU and Office Hours with Googler mentors.

We decided to open a Campus in Madrid because of the thriving entrepreneurial spirit in Spain.

We have seen the booming entrepreneurial community in Spain and are excited to join the local community in making it even stronger. Our hope is that Campus Madrid will supercharge tech entrepreneurs, strengthen the startup ecosystem and encourage even more innovation in Spain, Europe, and beyond.

Spain is the most recent addition to the Google campus expansion. The company recently announced South Korea, Warsaw, Poland, Brazil and Seoul as other future campus locations.

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