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We’re getting very close to HTC’s upcoming October 8th event, but that doesn’t mean the company will stop posting teasers for the products it plans to announce. We’re already well aware of the GoPro-like REcamera the company plans to unveil, and we’ve also heard whispers of a new One (M8) variant with improved camera capabilities. This afternoon, HTC posted a teaser GIF on Twitter, saying “Don’t adjust your screen. Just focus on the date.”

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The teaser GIF shows one HTC One (M8) morph into another incredibly quickly, making it hard to tell what, if any, changes are occurring. The M8 EYE is reportedly exactly the same as the original One (M8), but with a new 13MP rear-camera. The device also will reportedly still feature HTC’s Duo Camera set-up used for depth. Some rumors have pegged the M8 EYE as being available only in select international markets, though.

Another possibility is that the device the One (M8) is morphing into is the One Max, which would simply be a larger variant of the original model. The second phone in the GIF does appear to be slightly larger, but that of course could just be the angle of the images, too.

While the teaser shared on Twitter does not give us much to go off of, it does confirm that HTC has more planned for its October 8th event than just the REcamera. We’ll have everything you need to know from the event, as it happens, so stay tuned.

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