Google has announced that Glass owners will soon be able to immediately view any notification from their Android phone using a new feature, Notification Sync.

Max sent you a WhatsApp message, marycam81 tagged you in a photo, your Lyft has arrived… these are just some of the reasons for pulling out your phone. You want to know about the things that matter to you, but you don’t want to be distracted by your phone when you could be enjoying the moment.

Today we’re launching Notification Sync on Glass, which means you can see your Android phone app notifications at a glance … 


Notification Sync brings the same functionality to Glass as is offered on Android Wear smartwatches, giving one less reason for Glass owners to complete the cyborg look with a second wearable.

The update is due to hit Glass this week, and you’ll need to be running the latest version of MyGlass – v3.3.0 – which will be available today. The video above shows how to switch on the feature once you have the updates.

Glass continues to gain functionality through new updates and apps in its extended run-up to public release. Earlier this month, a new app was demo’d which provides live captioning of conversations for those with hearing impairments, while Dubai detectives are being issued with Glass as standard gear, paired to a facial recognition system to identify bad guys and track vehicles.

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