WhatsApp Stories August 13

WhatsApp beta for Android brings fingerprint locking feature

Having biometric unlocking on your device is a necessary security inclusion that ensures that valuable data on your phone stays secure. The latest WhatsApp beta for Android increases your device security by adding the much-anticipated fingerprint locking — which is available starting today.

WhatsApp Stories July 11

WhatsApp working on ability to Quick Edit already sent media within chats

WhatsApp hasn’t added a ton of new features to the popular multi-messaging application in recent months. That said, WhatsApp looks set to get a ‘Quick Edit Media’ shortcut in a future update after being unearthed via the latest beta testing platform.

WhatsApp Stories June 19

WhatsApp latest beta adds much wanted picture-in-picture mode for video

Each and every single WhatsApp beta update gives us a little glimpse into what might come to future full updates of the application, granted they are not guaranteed features like the latest picture-in-picture mode for video.

WhatsApp Stories May 23

WhatsApp users will start seeing in-app ads within ‘Status’ feature from 2020

Rumors and reports that WhatsApp would start getting in-app ads have been flying around for some time but now we have explicit confirmation from Facebook that they will be coming to the messaging platform by 2020.

WhatsApp Stories May 22

Latest WhatsApp beta adds Share to Facebook, QR code contact adding features

The latest WhatsApp beta for Android has unearthed a few new features that are actually quite notable. The new ‘Share to Facebook’ function allows you to post your story across WhatsApp and Facebook. The WhatsApp QR code ‘add contact’ functionality will be a real timesaver for adding new contacts. Both features could potentially and hopefully head to a stable release in the not-too-distant future.

WhatsApp Stories May 20

Latest WhatsApp beta tests further support for native Night Mode, coming soon

Even with all the competition, WhatsApp still remains atop the throne of multimedia, multi-platform messaging on smartphones. That doesn’t mean that it’s perfect, but with each WhatsApp beta we see more interesting and important new features. The addition of a dedicated Night Mode to the latest WhatsApp beta will be a popular one.

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