WhatsApp Stories January 31

It seems like Google may introduce limits to WhatsApp chat backups when linked to your existing Drive account.

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WhatsApp Stories October 26, 2021

Back in August, Google rolled out the ability to transfer past WhatsApp messages from iPhones to Samsung Galaxy devices. This ability to transfer your WhatsApp history is now coming to Pixel and all other Android 12 phones.

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WhatsApp Stories October 13, 2021

WhatsApp beta hints that you’ll soon be able to manage chat backup size

After the confirmation of encrypted chat backups, WhatsApp has now turned attention to the size of device backups according to the latest beta update for Android.

WhatsApp Stories October 11, 2021

After being hinted at and after testing in previous beta builds, WhatsApp has confirmed that end-to-end encryption for cloud backups is set to roll out soon.

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WhatsApp Stories September 8, 2021

After finally adding the ability to migrate your WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android, the Facebook-owned firm looks like it will soon add the ability to transfer chats in the other direction — from Android to iOS.

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WhatsApp Stories September 7, 2021

WhatsApp to add ability to adjust ‘Last Seen’ status on contact-by-contact basis

WhatsApp looks set to add some enhanced privacy features that have existed in other cross-platform messaging apps for a long time already with the ability to adjust the “Last Seen” status on a contact-by-contact basis.

WhatsApp Stories August 25, 2021

WhatsApp appears to be working on emoji message reactions

The slow but steady evolution of WhatsApp continues with yet more features apparently in the works as evidence suggests the cross-platform messenger is set to gain a message reaction feature.

WhatsApp Stories August 16, 2021

WhatsApp will soon be able to transfer messages between iPhone and Android [Update: rolling out]

WhatsApp made an appearance during Samsung’s Unpacked event, revealing that it would soon be possible to transfer messages between iOS and Android devices, starting with Samsung Galaxy phones.

Update: The ability to transfer messages has begun to roll out with the latest beta updates to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Stories July 26, 2021

Google’s Data Transfer Tool, the standard tool for copying files from one Android to another or from iOS to Android, is preparing to offer a way to copy your WhatsApp chats from your iPhone.

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WhatsApp Stories July 15, 2021

WhatsApp multi-device support begins rolling out to select beta testers

After being confirmed by none other than Mark Zuckerberg, the long-awaited multi-device support for Whatsapp messenger is now rolling out to selected beta testers on Android.

WhatsApp Stories June 7, 2021

WhatsApp will soon let you verify your account via phone call

WhatsApp offers a number of ways to secure your account with two-step verification. The most commonly used is via a PIN that, when used in conjunction with a one-time SMS code, grants you access to your account. It looks as though WhatsApp will soon offer the ability to quickly verify your account and login via a phone call.

WhatsApp Stories June 4, 2021

Zuckerberg: WhatsApp multi-device support coming ‘soon’ along with other features

In a strange series of events, Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that the highly anticipated multi-device support is set to come to WhatsApp messenger very soon.

WhatsApp Stories May 21, 2021

WhatsApp may add support for migrating chat history to a different phone number

Even with privacy concerns and threats of a mass user exodus, WhatsApp remains atop the global mobile messaging totem. Work on a potential chat history migration feature between your current and a new phone number might help WhatsApp maintain mobile dominance even with contest from the likes of Telegram and Signal.

WhatsApp Stories May 6, 2021

WhatsApp to add sticker suggestions based upon text entry

WhatsApp has decided to double down on stickers as the latest beta build for Android hints at a shortcut that will suggest glyphs based upon your text entry.

WhatsApp Stories April 8, 2021

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp go down for many in brief, but widespread outage [Updated]

In an outage that’s affected many over the past 30 minutes or so, major products from Facebook including Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, and the giant social network have gone down.

WhatsApp Stories March 19, 2021

[Update: Back up] It’s not just you: Instagram, WhatsApp, and other Facebook apps are down

It’s not just you: Instagram and other Facebook apps are down. We’re seeing messages flowing in on social media and the Instagram web app is currently throwing a server error. Messages and posts are not loading in the app. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

WhatsApp Stories March 9, 2021

[Update: More info] WhatsApp appears to be prepping for password-protected Google Drive backups

Despite not being the most secure method of backup for your WhatsApp chats and messages, the ability to store on your linked Google Drive account definitely makes it much easier to switch between Android devices.

WhatsApp Stories March 3, 2021

WhatsApp may soon add self-destructing photos in future update

WhatsApp looks to be working on a new feature that will be very familiar to Snapchat users in the form of self-destructing photos.

WhatsApp Stories February 9, 2021

WhatsApp beta adds ability to mute videos before you send them

Sending videos on WhatsApp is set to get a little bit less annoying as the latest is rolling out the ability to mute videos before sending on to a contact or group chat.

WhatsApp Stories February 3, 2021

[Update: Restored] WhatsApp drops support for Google Camera’s Social Share shortcut

With the Pixel 4 in October of 2019, Google Camera added a convenient feature that lets you quickly share your last photo or video to another app. An update to WhatsApp for Android this week prevents the Facebook-owned service from working with Social Share in Google Camera.

WhatsApp Stories January 28, 2021

WhatsApp adding biometric security when linking web and desktop apps

To help boost your messaging security when using the desktop and web application, WhatsApp is planning on adding biometric security when linking the companion apps on desktop or laptop.

WhatsApp Stories January 6, 2021

Latest WhatsApp beta hints at potential multi-device public preview phase

True multi-device support is arguably the biggest and most anticipated feature to ever arrive on WhatsApp, but thanks to some new information, it looks like a public preview may be in the pipeline.

WhatsApp Stories December 17, 2020

[Update: Live in beta] WhatsApp Web preps support for desktop voice and video calls

Being able to send messages from your desktop without needing to pick up or directly interact with your smartphone is amazing. For WhatsApp users, though, that’s set to get even better as work is ongoing on the ability to make voice and video calls from the companion web and desktop app.

WhatsApp Stories December 1, 2020

WhatsApp now lets you customize wallpapers on chat-by-chat basis

As the world’s most popular cross-platform messaging app, even when WhatsApp adds minor features it’s kind of big news simply due to the massive userbase. The latest might not be groundbreaking, but you’re now able to customize wallpapers in WhatsApp on a chat-by-chat basis.

WhatsApp Stories November 19, 2020

Latest WhatsApp betas prep enhanced wallpapers, read later tag, plus video audio muting

WhatsApp is testing yet more new features in the latest beta build for Android with enhanced wallpapers, video audio muting, and a read later archiving option being among the highlights.

WhatsApp Stories November 5, 2020

[Update: Rolling out] WhatsApp to add disappearing message feature in future build

The latest WhatsApp beta hints at new Snapchat-like disappearing messages within individual chats and group chats.

WhatsApp Stories November 3, 2020

[Update: Storage tool rollout] WhatsApp testing multi-device logins, improved search, chat clearing, more

With WhatsApp constantly evolving, new features such as the multi-device login support are long overdue. However, it looks as though the Facebook-owned firm has started testing this plus a ton of other features with the latest beta updates.

WhatsApp Stories September 22, 2020

[Update: More info] WhatsApp preps enhanced ‘Mute Always’ and expiring messages features

WhatsApp might have plenty of features but is sometimes slow to adopt common options seen in rival messaging applications. Despite that, a “Mute Always” and enhanced expiring messages features look as though they are coming to a future version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Stories September 17, 2020

WhatsApp beta preps fingerprint authentication for web companion app

The latest WhatsApp beta update for Android shows signs the messaging application is tightening security when using the companion web app with fingerprint authentication.

WhatsApp Stories August 21, 2020

[Update: New icons] Latest WhatsApp Beta restores camera shortcut within chat share sheet

The latest WhatsApp Beta for Android has restored the old camera shortcut within the chat share sheet — giving you another easy access point for photos.

WhatsApp Stories August 6, 2020

[Update: Rolling out] Latest WhatsApp beta hints at upcoming advanced search features

The latest WhatsApp for Android beta has hinted at a revamp of the search option within the cross-platform messaging app.

WhatsApp Stories August 4, 2020

[Update: Official] WhatsApp tests in-app browser and reverse image search to help stop fake news from spreading

The Facebook-owned WhatsApp has seen a slew of new features tested in a bid to help prevent the spread of fake news. Now a couple of new features including an in-app browser and reverse image search are being tested to help even further (via WABetaInfo).

WhatsApp Stories July 1, 2020

[Update: Official] WhatsApp adds animated stickers, then removes them in latest beta

We often see the Facebook-owned WhatsApp add new features and functions in beta updates and recently we very briefly got a glimpse of upcoming animated stickers.

WhatsApp Stories June 24, 2020

[Update: Suspended] WhatsApp launches in-app digital payments service, starting with Brazil

We’ve recently seen that WhatsApp is slowly working on a number of new features for the cross-platform messenger, but the Facebook-owned firm has now unveiled in-app digital payments.

WhatsApp Stories June 10, 2020

WhatsApp’s ‘Click to Chat’ feature exposed some phone numbers on Google search

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world with over a billion users. Now, a security researcher has found a flaw with WhatsApp that has exposed some phone numbers through Google search.

WhatsApp Stories May 22, 2020

Latest WhatsApp beta adds QR codes for easy profile and contact sharing

The latest WhatsApp beta version 2.20.171 is now bringing the previously announced support for QR code profile sharing to those of us on Android.

WhatsApp Stories May 15, 2020

[Update: Rolling out now] WhatsApp set to roll out Facebook Messenger Rooms integration

With the COVID-19 coronavirus changing the way we keep in touch with the people that mean the most to us, the latest WhatsApp beta update hints that we’ll gain Facebook Messenger Rooms integration.

WhatsApp Stories April 29, 2020

[Update: Now live] WhatsApp set to increase group calling and video calling limits

The latest WhatsApp beta update hints that the Facebook-owned firm is set to increase the limits for audio and video group calling to allow more participants.

WhatsApp Stories April 27, 2020

[Update: 70% decrease] WhatsApp limits message forwarding to prevent spread of COVID-19 misinformation

At a time when information overload is definitely becoming a thing, WhatsApp is introducing new limits to message forwarding to help curb the spread of COVID-19 misinformation.

WhatsApp Stories April 21, 2020

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, getting messages about social distancing, good hygiene, and other preventative measures is absolutely crucial. Now, WhatsApp is giving its billions of users access to a new sticker pack that promotes social distancing and staying home during the coronavirus outbreak.

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WhatsApp Stories April 1, 2020

WhatsApp could add option for multiple devices per account

The Facebook-owned WhatsApp appears to be working on a multiple-device feature that might let you use one telephone number across a multitude of smartphones.

WhatsApp Stories March 16, 2020

WhatsApp beta hints at upcoming self-destructing messages feature

The latest WhatsApp beta builds for Android hint at an upcoming self-destructing message feature for the cross-platform messenger.

WhatsApp Stories March 3, 2020

After being available on the beta program for a little while already, the dedicated dark mode is now officially available for WhatsApp on Android.

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WhatsApp Stories February 12, 2020

WhatsApp messenger reaches 2 billion user milestone

WhatsApp has now reached the 2 billion user milestone, making it one of the biggest messaging platforms on the planet.

WhatsApp Stories February 6, 2020

Updated dark mode tweaks come to latest WhatsApp beta build

After the latest beta build finally brought dark mode to WhatsApp, the latest update is now giving those using the cross-platform messenger further options to tailor their experience.

WhatsApp Stories January 22, 2020

The long wait for a dedicated WhatsApp dark mode is over, with the latest app beta now finally adding the native darkened theme to the messaging app.

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WhatsApp Stories January 20, 2020

WhatsApp is only the second non-Google Android app to hit 5 billion installs

There are only a few apps on the Google Play Store to have reached the mythical 5 billion install figure, bar some of the pre-installed Google options. Third-party messaging app WhatsApp is now only the second non-Google app to do so, having amassed the figure over a decade on Android and the Play Store.

WhatsApp Stories January 17, 2020

Facebook is reportedly shelving plans to show ads in WhatsApp messenger

We have some good news from Facebook. According to the Wall Street Journal, the firm is planning to drop its controversial plan for ads within WhatsApp messenger.

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