WhatsApp Stories January 14

WhatsApp for Android to receive fingerprint authentication for security in future update

Whilst many of you will have never used WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging platform is one of the biggest on the planet by some margin. To those of us who use the application daily, the upcoming addition of WhatsApp fingerprint authentication could be a welcome one. I can honestly say that I use nothing else and even all of my iPhone-using friends are the same here in the UK. 

WhatsApp Stories October 26, 2018

WhatsApp introduces long-awaited stickers, rolling out in the next few weeks

The world’s most popular messaging platform has finally added the ability to send stickers in conversations and group chats. Having been available in just about every other messaging platform, this will be a welcome addition to the millions who use WhatsApp daily. 

WhatsApp Stories October 18, 2018

WhatsApp may get less annoying, half its users don’t know who owns it

If you belong to a number of WhatsApp groups, it can be irritating to get alerts from them during times when you only want personal messages. That’s a problem WhatsApp appears to be looking to solve …

WhatsApp Stories October 10, 2018

PSA: WhatsApp security flaw could be triggered simply by answering a call – fix available

A WhatsApp security vulnerability could allow attackers to crash the Android app as soon as you answer a call, and could potentially be used to hack your smartphone …

WhatsApp Stories August 30, 2018

Google Drive won’t count WhatsApp backups towards your storage total, but they’ll lose encryption

WhatsApp has a huge and very loyal user base, and when those users swap phones they often use the backup feature to keep their messages safe. Now, Google Drive is opening up its arms to WhatsApp backups without counting them against your storage, but there’s a slight catch…

WhatsApp Stories August 9, 2018

WhatsApp messages and senders can be altered after you received them, say researchers

Security researchers have discovered that it’s possible for hackers to change both the content and the sender of a WhatsApp message after you’ve received it …

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