Robin Labs, the developmental team behind mobile assistant platform Robin.AI, has today unveiled their latest project, an app that responds to emails for you. Dubbed Less.Mail, the app handles routine email responses by automatically replying to emails based on how it interprets the message’s initial text.

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When you receive an email, the app reads the message to you and prompts you to respond with a reply. For instance, in the video demo, the user is asked “How is that report coming?” in an email. Using only his voice, he tells the app to reply “Just tell him I’m working on it.” In another example, the user is asked to attend a tech conference but tells the app to “Please decline politely.” The app then constructs the response, “I wish I could make it, but the schedule is crazy.”

Should you not be happy with the automatic reply generated by Less.Mail, you can choose to dictate a custom message, but still use nothing but your voice to interact with it.

The app was created in just a few weeks and Robin Labs co-founder and CEO Ilya Eckstein says that the idea of the app is to simply make email less taxing on users. “Approximately 80% of our emails are routine. We’re looking at those 80% and want to simplify those,” he said to TechCrunch.

Less.Mail is available in an invite-only beta for Android users right now. You can sign up for an invite here.

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