GMS - Release Blog Nacho - Map Toolbar

Google has updated Play Services for Android with several new developer features for its Maps, Fit, and other APIs. Developers incorporating Google Maps into their apps will find a new toolbar available to users that allows them to instantly get directions or open a map in the Google Maps application from within a third-party app.

An additional “lite mode” has been added that allows developers to include a static map image in locations that would normally make it impractical or impossible to manipulate the map. These “lite mode” maps can be tapped to open in the Maps app.

Files stored in Google Drive can now contain public and application-specific private properties that will remain in place even after the file is edited in another app. Tweaks and options related to uploading files to Drive will result in improved battery life for users.

Changes to the Google Fit service will make it easier for developers to integrate that functionality into their apps. Developers will also be granted granular control over which API permissions they have to ask for when a user installs their app.

Finally, a small addition to Google Wallet now allows developers to collect donations using a “Donate with Google” button that is functionally similar to the existing “Pay with Google” button.

Google Play Services 6.5 will roll out “over the next few days” to users.

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