Earlier this week, Motorola unveiled a pair of new ads for its Moto 360 featuring burittos, a pianist, and a dude named Chad. The ads mocked the luxury watch industry and its traditional commercial format. Today, Motorola continued its Moto 360 advertising with two more new videos. One is titled “Golf,” and the other “Holiday.”

Samsung U28E590D 28-Inch 4K Monitor

The first ad, “Golf,” starts with a Moto 360 user enjoying the day by playing a round of golf, only to be interrupted by a message from his wife informing him that he’s late for brunch. This ad touts the power and precision of the Moto 360.

The “Holiday” ad focuses on a woman preparing to go out for the night when she receives a message containing a string of emojis. As the narrorator puts it, the emojis are a “winky face, martini glass, and party thing.” This ad brags about the beauty and refinement of the Moto 360.

Both ads are available to watch below.

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