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With Google-owned YouTube recently launching its own streaming music platform, it seems that Google is poised to provide a solid challenge to others in the streaming space, like Apple’s iTunes Radio and Beats Music services.

Now the market is about to get a little more crowded as an even newer competitor prepares to enter the fray. Audio hardware manufacturer Bose is reportedly planning to launch a direct competitor to Google’s streaming services. The information comes from a job listing posted by the speaker manufacturer.

The listing states in no uncertain terms that Bose is looking for “an expert Experience Designer to lead design and prototyping of our next generation streaming music platform.” The position is based in Framingham, Massachusetts and is part of the company’s Algorithms & Cloud Experiences team.

Google currently operates two separate streaming services, Play Music and YouTube Music Key. The former was launched as part an overhauled mobile content store strategy several years ago, and the latter was introduced earlier this year. Both of these services will serve as direct competitors for the planned Bose offering.

You can read the full job listing over on ZipRecruiter.

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