Inbox-stats-google-01Google today shared some stats on its recently released Inbox email app experience, an alternative to Gmail that provides a unique Gmail meets Google Now take on email for both desktop and mobile users. It’s also opening up invites to all for a 24 hour period starting today. 

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Among the stats since the service launched in October: Google says usage includes about 70% Android, 28% iPhone, and 34% web. Google also notes that the app’s Bundles feature, which groups emails together based on a common topic, has been extremely popular among users with around 85% of all Inbox messages bundled.

Users are also taking advantage of the app’s Assists feature for things like finding phone numbers, jumping to websites, and looking up calendar events right from within the app, according to Google.

Up until now the service has been invitation only with Google slowly making more invites available to existing users, but today it is opening up the service for 24 hours to anyone interested. You can get access by emailing (from a Gmail account) before 9am Friday PST.

Google’s full infograph on Inbox adoption is below (click for full size):


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