SC_lockupGoogle announced today in a blog post that it is renaming its popular Google Webmaster Tools service to Google Search Console after nearly 10 years of existence. Aside from the different name, no other changes are being made to Google Search Console. Google, of course, updates the service with new features on a regular basis, though.

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Google says that the name change was prompted by the realization that the traditional idea of the “webmaster” is only applicable to a some of its users. Google says that plenty of other people who don’t consider themselves webmasters are avid users of its tools. Google wants to ensure that everyone knows how to make their work available online and through Search and it feels that the new Google Search Console branding will help that cause.

Much of the Google Webmaster Tools site has not yet been updated with the new branding, but Google says that the new name will be rolled out to everywhere over the coming weeks. In the mean time, Google has a new shortlink for quick access.

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