google search console Stories November 4, 2021

Google Search will rank desktop sites based on ‘page experience’ starting in February

Since August, Google has been using a “page experience” metric to determine how websites appear in mobile Search. Page experience ranking is now coming to the desktop version of Google Search from February 2022. 

google search console Stories June 15, 2021


Google is rolling out a new Search Console Insights tool that provides creators with an overview of how their content is performing. It’s meant to be an “easier way to understand how your content resonates with readers.”

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google search console Stories April 19, 2021


Last year, Google announced Search would use page speed and other metrics that better reflect how users experience the web to rank results in 2021. Google today provided more details and a timeline about the upcoming “page experience update.”

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google search console Stories February 2, 2021


Besides the feed to the left of most Android homescreens and the Google app for iOS, Discover is also available in Chrome’s new tab page on mobile. Website owners will soon be able to see Discover traffic from Chrome in the Google Search Console.

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google search console Stories January 12, 2021

Google Search Console adds Google News performance report

Google today added a new Google News performance report to Google Search Console. Google Search Console allows webmasters to track the performance of their web pages in Google Search, long offering insights into Google Search rich snippets like Top Stories, and other Google products like Discover. Now it offers extensive information about content performance in Google News.

google search console Stories April 3, 2020

Google Search video tags

From today’s Doodle to PSAs and Knowledge Panels, Google Search is home to a number of resources about COVID-19. In recent weeks, the company has provided ways for important sites to surface related information. The latest effort will see Google directly highlight announcements from health agencies and other government sites.

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google search console Stories January 28, 2020

Google Search Console’s revamped Removals report can temporarily hide pages

The Google Search Console is a tool for webmasters to manage a site’s presence on the search engine. A new version of the Removals report lets them temporarily hide pages, and provides other related information.

google search console Stories October 7, 2019

Google Search Console adds new video performance reports

In recent years, video has become an increasingly important format in Google Search. To help webmasters better optimize performance, the Search Console is adding and expanding two new reports related to video.

google search console Stories September 23, 2019

Google Search Performance report gets more up-to-date data, export in Search Console

Website owners can track and optimize performance via the Google Search Console. Following an extensive redesign last year, Google is now adding “users’ #1 feature request” for the Search Performance report with more up-to-date data.

google search console Stories April 10, 2019

Google Search Console adds new site traffic report for Google Discover

Introduced last year, Google Discover is the company’s latest implementation of the Google Feed. With 800M monthly active users thanks to availability on Android, iOS, and the mobile web, Google is now providing some publishers with traffic data from the source.

google search console Stories June 25, 2018

Google Search Console adds new ‘URL inspection’ tool to check crawl, index status

Following the initial launch of a redesigned Search Console earlier this year, Google’s tool for monitoring and optimizing site performance is gaining a new capability. Frequently requested, web administrators will now be able to see the Google Search status of specific links.

google search console Stories January 30, 2018


If you recently started up a blog (or any other kind of website), you probably know that one of the most important ways to grow traffic is to make sure your pages are being indexed by Google’s search engine. After all, Google is by far the biggest driver of referral traffic to just about every website on the web. But after you’re listed in Search and you start seeing the Google traffic pouring in, it’s also smart to monitor and analyze that traffic. You can do that with Google Search Console.

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google search console Stories January 8, 2018


Back in August, Google announced an “extensive redesign” of the Search Console used for tracking and optimizing site performance in Search. While still in beta, the revamped site with its new design and tools is beginning to rollout for all users.

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google search console Stories May 20, 2015


SC_lockupGoogle announced today in a blog post that it is renaming its popular Google Webmaster Tools service to Google Search Console after nearly 10 years of existence. Aside from the different name, no other changes are being made to Google Search Console. Google, of course, updates the service with new features on a regular basis, though.

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