Google’s annual I/O developers’ conference kicks off in San Francisco, California in just about an hour, and the Mountain View company is providing a livestream of the event to keep you in the loop on what’s being announced. As is always the case with the first day of I/O, we’re expecting a lot of announcements from the two-hour (plus) keynote, including Android ‘M’, a new Chromecast, some surprises from Google’s ATAP, Cardboard, and more.

For those of you that are interested in keeping an eye on the various developer sessions, Google is also live streaming many of its labs and workshops over the next couple of days. Particularly of note, we’ve heard that the ATAP presentation, aptly named “A little badass. Beautiful. Tech and human. Work and love. ATAP.” is just as worth watching as the keynote itself. No matter how you slice it, though, this year is going to be exciting. Personally, I’m hoping for a new Moto 360…

Keep up-to-date on all of the announcements as they roll out here, and be sure to tune in for the live kick off as it happens, brought to you by Google’s Senior Vice President of Products, Sundar Pichai:

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