The YouTube Gaming app launched on Android about a month ago, but now we’re already hearing about a significant update that’s on the way. As was first revealed in a teardown done by Android Police earlier this month, Google has now confirmed that it is preparing to introduce Android game broadcasting straight from the app itself…

This is going to be an interesting feature for sure — most of the online video giant’s gaming content comes from those who have rigged up consoles to video capture hardware or are live streaming games played on their PCs. While “Let’s Play” videos for mobile apps aren’t new at all, this update will make them easier than ever to share.

While Google hasn’t detailed the feature, Android Police notes that initiating a screencast from within YouTube Gaming will be done by picking either a specific app to record, or choosing to broadcast all apps. Apparently, you will also be able to toggle the selfie camera and the microphone for recording commentary on top of your streams.

There isn’t a specific date for the feature quite yet, but Google did say at the Tokyo Games Show that it is “coming soon.”

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