Google today announced that it’s tapping into Google Translate to bring in-app translations to Android 6.0 Marshmallow users beginning this week. With the new feature, anyone running the latest version of Android that also has the Google Translate app downloaded will have the ability to translate text into 90 languages right from within supported apps.

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Google showed off the feature working in WhatsApp and TripAdvisor (below), but you’ll have access to the feature in many more apps. The feature works by selecting text within an app. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see a “Translate” button next to the usual Copy, Paste, Share, etc.

For developers, all Android apps that utilize Android’s text selection feature (the ability for the user to select text to copy, etc) will already support the feature.

And for devs that use their own text selection code, Google offered instructions (just a few lines of code) to add the feature manually.

You should notice the feature become available in your apps this week if you’re on Android 6.0 and have the Google Translate app.

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