Before today, signing up for Project Fi meant waiting several weeks in most cases before being about to sign up for the Mountain View company’s MVNO.  At least for today, you can sign up without a waiting period. To celebrate the shipment of the Nexus 5X, Google says it is today giving out instant Project Fi invites to those that sign up for one…

“We’ll be giving out instant invites all day to celebrate the shipment of the Nexus 5X,” the Project Fi website says.

For those unaware, Project Fi was introduced 6 months ago as a Google-made alternative to traditional cellular networks. Until recently, the Nexus 6 was the only phone supported on the service, which uses new technologies to keep your connection to the internet seamless across local WiFi, Sprint, and T-Mobile’s 4G networks.

To sign up, simply head over to the Project Fi website. As long as your zip code is eligible, you should see an invite hit your email inbox very soon after.

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