fi Stories April 21, 2016

Project Fi companion app updated with data usage widget, bug fixes

As of last month, Project Fi no longer requires an invite to signup for Google’s MVNO service. An update to the Project Fi companion app adds a useful widget to keep track of data usage and fixes a bug that inaccurately displayed how much data has been used.

fi Stories October 19, 2015

Google giving out instant invites for Project Fi today to celebrate Nexus 5X launch

Before today, signing up for Project Fi meant waiting several weeks in most cases before being about to sign up for the Mountain View company’s MVNO.  At least for today, you can sign up without a waiting period. To celebrate the shipment of the Nexus 5X, Google says it is today giving out instant Project Fi invites to those that sign up for one…

fi Stories June 2, 2015


Update: A tipster has sent an email confirming the existence of the “Welcome Kit”…

If you’re one of the lucky few who have received their invite to Project Fi, you’re probably also the kind of person that already owns a Nexus 6. If you don’t already have a Nexus 6 and you sign up for Fi though, Google makes you buy one—as it’s the only phone currently compatible with the service. According to a couple reports on Reddit, Google is giving these buyers some goodies… expand full story

fi Stories April 29, 2015

Google’s official Project Fi app has now landed in the Play Store, following the announcement of the Mountain View company’s MVNO earlier this month. The app lets you activate service, tweak your account settings, check how much data you’re using, see your monthly bill, and more… expand full story

fi Stories April 22, 2015

Images and Videos - Project Fi Press Toolkit 2015-04-22 13-30-31Google has just announced Project Fi, its much-rumored MVNO and the company’s attempt at bringing a new way for customers to get better cellular service at a better price…

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