The Pebble Time Round was announced in September, and now — just a bit over a month later — it’s about to finally be available at stores across the United States. Pebble says that the watch will be available at Best Buy and Target stores in the US on November 8th, and will also be available online at,,, and on the same day…

You can grab the Pebble Time Round in two sizes — 20mm or 14mm — and you can also pick between three different finishes to match your preference. You’ll be able to get the watch in black, silver, or a special-edition “Rose Gold” that will only be available at the 14mm band size. There’s also a selection of stylish leather bands to choose from.

As we mentioned in September, the Pebble Time Round will be cross-compatible with iOS and Android devices (which, in a world where the Apple Watch only works with the iPhone, is definitely one of the device’s biggest selling points). We’ll be getting our hands on the Pebble Time sometime within the month, so keep your eyes out for our full review.

If you’re interested in a regular ol’ Pebble Time, they’re on sale right now for just $150.

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