Earlier this week, we reported that Google is going to start selling the Nexus 6P through Best Buy. In the US, the Google Store was the exclusive seller of flagship Nexus devices at launch. Over time more and more retailers started to sell the 5X and Best Buy is now the first to sell the 6P.

Best Buy is offering free expedited shipping for delivery in time for Christmas. The Nexus 6P and 5X won’t be available in stores until January 6th of the new year. But judging from the listings, it looks like there will be wide availability of the devices at brick-and-mortar Best Buys and possibly a retail display to try the Nexus phones in store.

Right now only the 64GB model in Aluminum is available for $499. That matches the $50 discount the Google Store and other retailers have on Nexus devices for the holidays. As we move closer to availability next year, we might see Best Buy sell the gold version that’s available internationally. The Gold 64GB model was first a Japanese exclusive, but Indian retailer Flipkart is now also offering it at $663 (Rs. 43,999). Best Buy is known for selling exclusive colors of phones, so it would not be surprising for Google to sell the gold version through them.

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