Popular song identification app Shazam has announced (via The Verge) deeper Google Play Music integration on Android, as well as a promotion for 3 months of Play Music (which includes YouTube Red) for only $1.

After users identify a song, there is now a Play Music bar at the top of the app that features buttons for listening, buying, or starting a radio channel. There is also an overflow button to switch to another music store. In comparison, other music services, like Amazon, just feature a purchase button. Tapping any of the buttons will open up the Play Music app or the Play Store to buy the song.

In conjunction with this deeper integration, Shazam is offering 3 months of Play Music and by extension YouTube Red for $1. The deal must be redeemed by April 18 and only applies to new Play subscribers or those who have not participated in a trial in the past 12 months. The offer is valid in the following countries:

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand, Belgium, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Ireland

Google was A/B testing song identification features in the Play Music app a few months ago, but the feature has yet to materialize. Users who do not want to download a separate app can just use Google Now to find out what song is playing. However, Now does not keep a list of previous tagged songs.

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