In an interesting update, Google’s OnHub routers now has integration with automation service IFTTT. If This Then That allows users to easily initiate a command that is set off by pre-programmed action. OnHub’s IFTTT channel is already live with an OTA update rolling out now.

While it is not immediately obvious why a router should have such smart functionality, there are quite a few useful tasks that can be accomplished. A basic example involves turning on smart lights when your phone connects to the OnHub network, thus implying you are home. Other uses involve prioritizing a Nest Cam’s Wi-Fi connection when a sound or motion is detected and more simply receiving an email when a device joins your network.

The router can end up serving as a hub for many smart appliances, with support for 306 IFTTT channels/services that include over 100 connected devices.

Version 7978.51.0 of OnHub’s software also includes general stability and performance improvements, an updated device usage graph, and the ability to see usage data for wired devices.

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