ifttt Stories May 18, 2017

As we noted in a past teardown of the Google app, IFTTT integration was in the works for Assistant. That functionality has now popped up on one of our devices, and it allows users to easily make new commands and manage existing ones.

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ifttt Stories October 26, 2016

Like any voice assistant, Google Assistant is only as powerful as what it can interact with ─ especially in the case of Google Home. While Assistant on our phones gives us what we need, namely, the power of Google’s search skills, Google Home will need to integrate with physical products in order to be truly useful.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

ifttt Stories April 28, 2016

OnHub router gains home automation capabilities with new IFTTT integration

In an interesting update, Google’s OnHub routers now has integration with automation service IFTTT. If This Then That allows users to easily initiate a command that is set off by pre-programmed action. OnHub’s IFTTT channel is already live with an OTA update rolling out now.

ifttt Stories March 14, 2016

LG now has an IFTTT channel for smartphones, V10 is the first compatible device

With very little effort, anyone can use IFTTT to program services to trigger actions based on other events. LG has now opened up their smartphones to serve as triggers and allow other services to initiate hardware and software features on the device.

ifttt Stories September 3, 2015

Tado, Europe’s Nest competitor, adds multi-room temperature control and IFTTT support

Tado, Europe’s main Nest competitor in the smart thermostat field, has announced two new enhancements to its system. First, multi-room temperature control, allowing different temperatures to be set in different rooms. Second, support for IFTTT recipes to automatically trigger other actions based on Tado detecting people arriving or leaving the home.

For homes that already have different heating devices in different rooms, such as underfloor heating, adding a second thermostat is all you need for the multi-room control. Most of us, though, will need a new smart radiator valve that won’t be available until next fall.

IFTTT support – first promised back in March – has been added from today. This can do things like automatically switch on your alarm when the last person leaves your home, and turn on lights when someone returns.

If you’re considering Tado, you may want to check out my review over at 9to5Mac.

ifttt Stories September 2, 2015

IFTTT’s powerful DO Button app adds Android Wear support

The DO Button is a great accessory app to the powerful “If This Then That” service, and now you can use the app with your Android Wear device. Thanks to an update that’s rolling out (via Android Police) on the Play Store right now, you’ll be able to control hundreds of IFTTT-compatible apps — like Tumblr, Drive, Evernote, and more — from your wrist…

DO Buttons are simplified, quick one-tap access to your IFTTT recipes. For example, paired with a Nest thermostat, you can create a recipe that sets your home’s temperature to 72 degrees. These have long been accessible via the Android and iOS apps, but today’s update will put them on your watch. Also, the update packs support for new channels.

Here’s the full change log:

Introducing DO Button for Android Wear!
Designed for simplicity and ease of use, DO for Android Wear places the control of hundreds of apps right on your wrist.
+ New Channels include: Adafruit, Amazon Cloud Drive, Camio, dondeEsta Family, iSecurity+, Wattio, Wolfram Data Drop
+ A few wrinkles were ironed out
—The IFTTT Team
If you want to grab the update, just keep your eye on the Play Store listing. The app is free, of course, and the update should be rolling out now.


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